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A T-shirt is an indispensable piece of clothing that everyone appreciates for its practicality, comfort and the ability to wear it in any style, at any time of the year. It is a great carrier of prints and interesting graphic solutions. This value of T-shirts is no less important as a good cut or excellent quality of the fabric from which they are made. Therefore, with great care, we take care of both aspects of this garment, and our productions gain customer recognition with each project. We produce t-shirts in various styles and of various quality cotton, polyester and polyamide knitted fabrics. There are tons of t-shirt designs. Slim fit t-shirts with a personalized print are perfect for e.g. smart casual styles. T-shirts with a straight wider cut with fancy graphics will be used in the streetwear style. Fitted T-shirts made of elastic fabrics with a hydrophobic finish are perfect for sports.



Knitted fabrics are the most commonly used for the production of t-shirts: - single jersey - the weave is distinguished by its stretchiness and softness. The substrate is ideal for printing, e.g. screen printing. It is available in 100% cotton, blends of cotton and polyester, and in a flexible version - 95% cotton / 5% elastane, in a weight from 135 to 350 g / m². - RIB - maximum elastic weave of the knitted fabric, made of a mixture of cotton or polyester with elastane. RIB knit is used in the production of tank tops and sleeveless t-shirts. - interlock - from this fabric we make extremely comfortable clothes in a casual or sports style. It has a double-sided weave, which means that both its right and left side look identical and are equally smooth and pleasant to the touch. - "french terry" sweatshirt fabric - to make streetwear and hip-hop wear t-shirts.

Examples of composition:

Single Jersey 160/180/210/240/280/300/350g or by client's request

100% Cotton / Cotton-Elastane / Cotton-Polyester / Organic Cotton / Bamboo  
or by client's request

Examples of production:

- Oversize & Slim T-Shirts

- Wide range of colours

- Many techniques of printing

- Tank Tops

Colour card:
  • T-Shirt - Colour Card
  • T-Shirt - Colour Card
  • T-Shirt - Colour Card

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