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Tracksuits are the most comfortable and, in recent years, also the most popular everyday clothes. The comfort of tracksuits has made them a permanent part of the canon of fashionable streetwear, and literally everyone has fallen in love with them. These days, they are no longer just in sports attire, but have become a lifestyle. They have even appeared at world fashion shows. Our offering includes tracksuit trousers, tops and whole tracksuits.

The style of the tracksuit based on individual preferences:

  • oversize
  • slim fit
  • regular fit
  • flare
  • joggers

The most frequently chosen material for men's tracksuits are:  

Brushed or French terry sweatshirt fabrics: with a thicker or thinner basis weight, with or without elastane, or with a synthetic addition, such as polyester 

Cotton velor: great for "inserts" for tracksuits, but also for whole sets Today, it's no longer just skaters and rappers who wear a sweatshirt. The convenience of these clothes made them a permanent part of the canon of fashionable streetwear and they are loved by literally everyone.

Examples of composition:

Brush 270/320/400/450/500g or by client's request
100% Cotton / Organic Cotton / Cotton-Polyester

French Terry 270/320/400/460g or by client's request
100% Cotton / Organic Cotton / Cotton-Polyester

Cotton Velour / Polyester Velour 200-300g

Interlock 270/320g
100% Polyester (also with an admixture of elastane)


Examples of production:

  • Interlock

  • Velour


  • We use OEKO-TEX certified knitted fabrics for our Tracksuits. We also offer GOTS-certified materials: GOTS organic cotton or recycled polyester.


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