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You might think that workwear - apart from functionality and safety - does not have to meet any additional conditions. We would beg to differ. In our workwear, you will be safe, but it won’t hinder your movement in everyday use, and you will also look aesthetically pleasing. All thanks to the appropriate fabrics, adapted to the type and specificity of the work, as well as the ergonomic design solutions that decide the comfort of use.

We make clothing that ensures safety and protection in accordance with Directive 89/689/EEC:

1. Minimum risk protective clothing (the most commonly used type of protective clothing)
We offer designs and produce workwear in accordance with all applicable European standards. We will use appropriate fabrics with a durable structure resistant to various factors according to the specifics of the order.

2. Clothing that protects against a medium-risk threat (resistant to a specific external factor)
The main property of clothing in this category is resistance to cuts (e.g. foresters, mechanics). This aims to protect against factors that do not threaten life and health.

We are able to make a very wide range of products for you, according to the following:

  • Work trousers / dungarees
  • Polo shirts / T-shirts / Long sleeve shirts
  • Work overalls
  • Cotton shirts / Flannel shirts 
  • Fleece sweatshirts
  • Cotton work sweatshirts
  • Softshell jackets / Jackets made of technical fabrics with a breathable membrane 
  • Hats / Jockey caps

Examples of projects:


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