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Wearing a well-tailored shirt, you not only achieve a beautiful appearance but also self-confidence. If you are dreaming of a perfect shirt for your collection, we will help you make that dream come true. We design each shirt with great attention to detail, using interesting ideas and solutions, selecting colors and finishes to create a unique product. 

A shirt can have a different character depending on the fabric, cut or pattern:

1. The most formal shirts are made of poplin or cotton satin, have a stiff collar, cuffs fastened with cuff links and a hidden button strip.

2. The business shirt has a stiffened Italian or Kent collar. However, there are no pockets that are appreciated in casual shirts.

3. A button-down shirt is a universal and popular type of men's shirt with a buttoned collar. Sewn from Oxford cotton, it is perfect for colder days, due to the fairly high basis weight and easy-iron finish, which makes it durable and resistant to creases and easier to iron.

4. Casual shirts take various forms - from flannel to light linen. Shirts with fanciful prints or embroidery will give the styling a character and originality.

5. Fashion shirts have an unobvious cut, as in the case of standard regular or slim fit shirts. They can be oversized, long or with unusual prints or fancy collars.

Fabrics that work well in shirts:

Poplin is a fabric usually made of 100% cotton or blends of cotton with polyester or elastane.

Diagonal (Twill) is a fabric with a twill weave and a subtle sheen.

Pinpoint Oxford a popular fabric used for casual shirts. This weave is most often woven from thicker threads. Pinpoint is used for less formal shirts than poplin and twill.

Chambray is a soft cotton fabric made of two-tone yarns. This fabric is better suited for an everyday shirt, casual wear, and jeans than poplin.

Oxford cotton is distinguished by a hopsack weave. This type of fabric is often made of fibers of two colors.

Cotton satin shimmers very nicely and does not crease too quickly. Shirt fabric for formal sets, especially evening sets.

Denim, which never goes out of style. Usually made of cotton or a blend of cotton and polyester.

Flannel is the best for the fall and winter season. Flannel is primarily a warm material, very pleasant to the touch. Flannel can be made of cotton or wool yarn.

Linen fabric or a linen and cotton blend – perfect for spring and summer.

We boast extensive experience in designing and organizing the production of this garment. Below we present a few patterns of shirts that have been produced and successfully sold by our customers.


Examples of production:

  • Digital Print

  • Mini Patterns

  • Plain Shirts (for cufflinks)

  • Shirts made by structural materials - 3D



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