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Underwear is a very complex topic.

We specialize in underwear intended for men and women. We design and prepare for production such elements as:

- Briefs - perfect under suit trousers, for people with a slim, fit figure, practically invisible under clothes.

- Full rise briefs - for a figure, muscular, slim, as well as for people with a small belly. They have a retro-style cut, the indentation is not as deep as in briefs, which is synonymous with wearing comfort.

- Trunks (Hipsters) fit silhouettes with more thighs, they are the most frequently chosen by men. You can wear them under any type of clothing.

- Classic boxer shorts fit every figure. They provide freedom, are the best sleeping solution, not recommended for sports.

The offer also includes t-shirts, T-shirts, long-sleeved T-shirts, tank tops, leggings or long johns.

The most frequently chosen material for underwear is cotton knit with the addition of elastane for greater flexibility and fit the garment to the figure. We also design underwear made of fabrics with an additional layer of protection. The underwear items also include sports thermo-active underwear, with a structure ensuring adequate thermal insulation.

Examples of composition:
95% Cotton / 5% Elastane


Examples of projects:

  • Underwear Fabric
  • Underwear Fabric
  • Underwear Fabric

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