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Our company's mission is to support smaller and larger premium clothing brands in their development and expansion into EU markets, by offering high-quality design and production services.

MANTONI - the clothing design and garment development Company has offered comprehensive design and production support for 20 years. Our core business is broadly defined as menswear and unisex wear- smart casual, streetwear and sportswear. MANTONI  - the garment design, development and buying company with our own multi-brand concept store in Warsaw.

We offer:

  • Design and serial production of menswear and unisex wear, sportswear, streetwear and hip-hop
  • Design and production of workwear, corporate clothing and uniforms
  • Design of prints, tailoring accessories, labels and jacquard sew-in labels
  • Selection and production of fabrics and knitwear ordered by the Customer
  • Consultation on fashion, styling for photoshoots and creating a corporate image

​We use the professional support of the WGSN platform - the world's leading tool for forecasting consumer trends for a few years ahead. WGSN helps us keep up with changes and innovations in the clothing industry. Thanks to this, we provide quality consultancy in the field of fashion and in creating our clients' brands, supported by a professional analysis of market trends. We know what colors and cuts will be trending and what has the potential to generate profits in the coming seasons.

When your clothes are made, we additionally offer you unique support by providing fashion design and technology service - we will advise, design clothes, prints, embroideries and accessories, choose the best materials for a particular product.
Next, we sew, mark, pack and deliver the garment under your brand to your warehouse.

The MANTONI team includes specialists with years of experience in the textile industry - clothing designers, graphic designers, technologists, coordinators.

Lucyna Kniszewska-Plewako, founder, CEO and "spiritus movens'' of MANTONI is a highly experienced fashion designer and academy of fine arts in Łódź, Faculty of Textile and Fashion 1997' graduate.


Of course, MANTONI's success would not be possible without many other people collaborating with us.

We appreciate them all.


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